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Python 2.4.1 - only thing better is jython

We are pleased to announce the release of Python 2.4.1 (final) on March 30, 2005.

Lisp and cool AI

One of the few reasons I became a computer scientist was because I was facinated with machines acting intelligently - A.I. Years of reading articles and books, all you heard about with the state of the art in A.I. involved lisp. Low and behold lisp was decades ahead of it's time and would say is linguistically on par with today modern languages and still in some ways superior. I have done a little bit of lisp programming, but now as much as I would like, only time will tell how far I will get but here are 3 really good lisp resources two of which are free books. PS Paul Graham is an excelent writer you should try some of his articles

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith I mean Star Wars: Episode III A Lost Hope

This is absolutely the funnies movie I have seen in, imagine a office where everyone gathers around a computer twice a day everyday ... that's my office when ever this movie is played. Check it out

The brilliance of save toby and toby stew

Their is a little bunny that has been causing controversy through out the net's message boards and chat rooms. Even making a appearance on msnbc . Everyone these sites are a piece of fiction, they are fake, as much as claims to be real. Animal rights activists are out of control complaining and acting out against a joke. All this fluster and energy could otherwise be put to good use saving animals that actually need saving..... A funny part of all this is that has a listing off all the savetoby clones , even if you don't think this funny the viral phenomenon of how this is spreading is remarkable.

Walkamerica saving premature babies

I am raising money to save premature babies for march of dimes. If you can donate.

Really starting to like this

Really starting to like this blog thing

Scientists Make Bacteria Behave Like Computers

Now this is cool Bacteria have been programmed to behave like computers, assembling themselves into complex shapes based on instructions stuffed into their genes.

almost forgot

Almost forgot my blog existed well then, ... I quess I should post something interesting. Vending machines are making progress at work. Selling soon to coca cola or pepsi...

Information and the world

Often I spend tons of time researching particular idea and really would like to share them with the world. Other times I just come across facinating information. Every method ends up being too much work to maintain. I have a wiki I use to save information but that is not very permanent and often is for scribes. Most prominently is all the times I have figured out how to do something I could not find a mention of online and would have liked to post it for the next guy. So here it is my blog ...