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Finance - part of the financial empire

Finance, money, gold bullion, stocks, bonds ..... money been meaning to for a long time... What you might ask, get more of it, like the capitalistic nature of america, no expand the financial information I have on my web site ....

ING Direct - lots of accounts awsome and easy

I have opened a ing direct account a few years ago, but didn't realize till recently how awsome the site and service are. 3.00% interest a year where, citibank savings was giving .8 percent interest, it's practically triple. I like to keep my money organized , like in seperate piggy banks, ing direct in about two seconds lets you create seperate savings accounts each labeled the way you want. I have a "new laptop", "emergency", "vacation" and "new car" accounts how great is that. My life may never be the same IngDirect


Pocket Video Recorder There is ipod and then there is ArchOS . I am surprised that this hasn't caught on more, but believ e it's due to the fact that audio is the ubiquitous on the go medium. I will be doing much, much more traveling and maybe at some point I will get one. The latest ArchOS Pocket Video Recorder can tivo, play music and get the camera and video adapter. The device is in the hacker montra of the 90's "elite"

Connectquot River State Park

The park is pristine flowing river waters filled with trout. Deer walking walk though all parts of the forest. Even swimming otters eatting trout with fellow herons and great cranes. The park is rather peacefull and doesn't see many visitors seems like a hidden gem of long island. I have to say there is one very real problem ticks I hate them and signs all over warn you about them. Laurie and I only stayed on the trail but managed to pick up 2 ticks. We just picked them off and threw them into the forest but they are still a pain, remember your bug stray.

Mohegan Sun - Best birthday bash ever

Laurie, I have to say is an absolutely amazing individual. She planned a day and evening no less spectacular than 4th of july in boston harbor ... 270 degree views of rolling hills of maple and the river Thames River rushing to sea. All my oldest and best friends were waiting to suprise me at a party with decorations, platters of my favorite finger foods and drinks for all. Beyond everything, laurie was there standing tall, beautifully stunning with straight golden blonde hair, sexy pink tank top and trendy white pants. How I love Laurie

Hiring is Obsolete - Paul Graham does it again

Paul Graham does it again, great writer that he is I just can't get enough of his articles insightful and witty as any.

Mac Tablet PC

Mac Tablet PC Mac's are great a couple of compatiblility problems but generally are a hot fudge sunday during a brazenly hot summer's day.

Birthday party

My birthday party is coming, t minus 4 days.

cellmatrix now has a real hardware board

Imagine that you need more memory for you computer so you go to the store buy a extra piece and attach it like a lego piece and you can add as many as possible. This is exactly what this reconfigurable circuit board is like. This isn't news to me and has been a round for a year or so. But this board is absolutely awsome and want to help spread the word.

USB KVM Switch for G5 Mac and Debian Linux

IO Gear Two port MiniView Micro USB Plus KVM The right port used to switch machines so the keyboard must be plugged in right port. Model GC5632U was the original one I had but failed after a week. They replaced it immediately with a GCS632U (supposedly compatable with mac mini) Default to switch computers uses scroll lock twice The most basic hotkey operation for this unit is to switch ports between the two connected computers. Press [Scroll Lock] [Scroll Lock] will allow you to toggle between the two computers. For some people such as Mac users, pressing [Scroll Lock] is either not feasible or not convenient. There are other ways to Advanced Hotkey Operations Invoking Hotkey Mode To invoke Hotkey Mode, do the following: 1. Press and hold down the [Num Lock] key 2. Press and release the minus [-] key 3. Release the [Num Lock] key When Hotkey Mode is active, the Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock LEDs flash in succession to indicate that Hotkey Mode is in effect. They stop flashing and revert


Another morning in greenwich connecticut and saw a deer munching on newly laid grass seed and hay covering, aaaah morning

Bendable concret

Talk about no more cracked side walks ... neighborhood roller blading will become much nicer fo r future generations ..... Check it out Bendable concret

vPod the next ipod and the rumors

I have heard the rumors and lately they have gotten much stronger. 1. 2. According to their sources, the 4th-gen iPod will "obtain its media content via the unreleased Home on iPod" feature which should be on the upcoming OSX 10.4 'Tiger,' but I don't see exactly how those two things connect ('Home on iPod' is a method for keeping a Mac user's home directory on the iPod, which could be a method for syncing up the iPod content, but I can't imagine it would be required). I would love to see video on the ipod, but even greater would be the ability to sync up a ipod. You use your ipod on two computers and want to be able to make sure your photo registries are up todate. That's important to a lot of people and a huge headache.


Farfinugen should be a word in some country.

Debian Linux version Sarge is Now Frozen

Here is the announcement . Only took like 3 years, stupid people indeed were in charge.

Black Pepper Jack

There is a problem with black pepper jack doritos ... most bags don't have enough black pepper in them. Even still I like them better than the rest of the doritos brands it's just a foot note.

110 pound blond freshman wins 6 pound burger eating contest

Are you kidding me, a girl of 110 pounds ate this. Wow Kate Stelnick you might be my hero .. The burger was a whopping eleven percent of her body weight! Only a woman from New Jersey could have pulled this off.

FedEx - sweet

I didn't know how easy it was to send out a fedex package, they picked up too and it was nice.

Beware of phollywood

only one word phollywood

Felipe's & My Birthday

My little cousin in colombia has the same birthday as me. Because of this it diserves and extra foot note. Happy Birthday Felipe!!!!