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Adsense Dynamic Javascript Include

I have tried many things and I can't figure out how to dynamically include my adsense code into my web pages only using javascript. I have gotten close but my web pages go blank. I'll pay $20 to anyone who can show me how to do it successfully Steve

Arc - hope for the future

I have been doing research on Programming Lanuage Theory or PL Theory. Been reading a lot on Paul Graham's Site and Lambda the Ultimate. So far so good but there is a lot more reading to do. I see a lot of promise in Arc, if it's ever completed . I have big concerns about an appropriate launch and set up of Arc with a community. Also see a great need for appropriate introduction of a very good alternative option formate for Arc. Sexp are dangerous and always have been, it's not their inherent power but human consumption that is a problem. What is Arc? It's a language being developed by Paul Graham Who is Paul Graham? A popular tech essayist, entrepreneur and lisp evangelist