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Bash script locate base dir

BASEDIR=$(cd $(dirname $0); cd ../ ;  pwd -P)

Bash script locate self

SELF=$(cd $(dirname $0); pwd -P)/$(basename $0)

emacs emulating vi open line below

Quoted from Stackoverflow - Original Link Below ( love this post, these three are my biggest emacs annoyences) Hi there, I am currently playing around with emacs and happy with most of the concepts. But I really adored the convenience of the three vim commands: dd,o,O Hopefully you can tell me how to mirror them in emacs :) dd - deletes whole line, including newline, no matter where the cursor is. I found something similar to do the trick: C-a C-k C-k While C-a moves the cursor to the beginning of the line, the first C-k kills the text, the second one kills the newline. The only problem is that this is not working on empty lines where I only need to typeC-k which is quite inconvenient as I have to use different commands for the same task: killing a line.