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cLisp session

This new value of "keywords" will persist until the end of the CLISP session. To save your session into a file: [13]> (saveinitmem "test.mem") Under Solaris, when CLISP is started, the option -M is used to load this file: maroon 45: clisp -M "test.mem" Got it to work with (dribble "file.out") found it at If you can run Emacs, then you can type escape x shell turn on clisp in the shell then save the whole session at the save with ctrl-x ctrl-w file.out

Bash script question

Okay here is the deal, can't remember how to surpress output from bash commands that are run, if anyone remembers please let me know. Example: #!/bin/sh pushd ../ Output: ~ ~/user ~/user/scripts not the biggest worry in the world but if you know the answer I would be much obliged.

On Lisp by Paul Graham

Took 3 months and $150 dollars but I now own the seminal book on advanced lisp, can't wait to read it.

On LISP: Advanced Techniques for Common LISP

Does any one in the world have this book? I am willing to buy it for as much as $150 Title:On LISP: Advanced Techniques for Common LISP Author:Paul Graham ISBN:0130305529 PS it's availiable for free at

Seed of extinct date palm sprouts after 2,000 years

Tree of life . Being able to grow a tree from a 2000 year old tree.


Can taking the pill dull a woman's desire forever?

Perfect foods

Tomatos Cilantro Chocolate All berries Wine Baby spinach