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Command to copy all iphone examples from documentation

find /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/Documentation/DocSets/ -iname "*.zip" | xargs -J % -n 1 cp % /Users/smorin/Desktop/Phone/2.2Examples

Convert Mac dmg file to iso on OS X

Use the following command to convert a dmg image to an iso. hdiutil makehybrid -o ~/Desktop/leopard_9a581_userdvd.iso ~/Desktop/leopard_9a581_userdvd.dmg -iso Use this to make cdr hdiutil convert /path/to/filename.dmg -format UDTO -o /path/to/savefile.iso

Comic Con

was in LA Saturday had to visit Lenny. Went to Comic Con for the first time this sunday in San Diego visited some friends.

Palo Alto

Day three working in the Venture Capital office of Rembrandt Venture Partners so far so good. Sequoia and LightSpeed are both right next to us. I have been playing with Ruby on Rails in my spare time.

Roller Derby and Before I leave LA

I have been trying to do new things and hit all my todo before I leave LA. I have finished my last list which was: The Ivy Robertson St Disney Land Runyon Canyon Park Hike Malibu Hikeing and Drinking Now I need a new list. On a second note went with Sponsor Sparks to a Roller Derby match in L.A. to see the LA team VS team Awsome. LA won!!! Something new every day ;)

Alaska vacation advice

Just having come back from Alaska a few things surprised me Midnight sun is much more moving and impressive than I ever imagined is so impactfull but you won't appreciate if till after the first few days. Denali you totally need a pair of binoculars because you won't be able to see much otherwise and you really need a full day for Denali. If you want to take a shuttle to the far end of the park you really need to catch a early morning bus like 6am so check the times. Car rentals were very expensive so book in advance and try and get your self a deal. Train only use GoldStar more expensive but totally worth it and very relaxing. If you want to drink and have a good time go to for some one in your 20's twenties. These are places I went because locals told me about them. They were good. Fairbank - ?? don't know Denali - Salmon Bake Anchorage - Humpy's Fairbanks Dredge #8 get real gold, once your pumped up from your "find" at the dredge do some real gold pa

Bucket List

I have recently been thinking about my future because of Job changes and bumped into The Last Lecture and the Bucket List . What will make me Happy, what will help lead to a life I want to live with out doubts. These are very hard questions. I just came back from Alaska and there I had plenty of time for those questions. Here are some of the things on my todo list Kids Marriage Visit 6 Continents Visit Argentina and Spain Founder of a company Make a Million in 1 year 1 Property on each coast and Internationally Try out Silicon Valley Hike Appalachian trail in Maine Gold panning with a guide (Now that I have gold panned) Private Jet to Europe with friends Learn to write well Well this a very superficial first cut but it's better than nothing.

Alaska vacation - off to Anchorage and beyond

I am off to Alaska, one of the last frontiers in America. I don't know exactly what I'll be doing but I know it involves some combination of Gold Panning, White water rafting, Hiking and Fishing and Train Rides through the country. -Steve

Linux filename create

yinst save -file `hostname`-`date +%m_%d_%Y`.ysav is a example of creating a file name using unix / linux commands.

Amazon web services and Hadoop

This is a pretty Publish Post cool project using Hadoop and Amazon web services From New York Time Article Cited Below This all adds up to terabytes of data, in a less-than-web-friendly format. So reusing the EC2/S3/Hadoop method I discussed back in November , I got to work writing a few lines of code. Using Amazon Web Services , Hadoop and our own code, we ingested 405,000 very large TIFF images, 3.3 million articles in SGML and 405,000 xml files mapping articles to rectangular regions in the TIFF’s. This data was converted to a more web-friendly 810,000 PNG images (thumbnails and full images) and 405,000 JavaScript files — all of it ready to be assembled into a TimesMachine. By leveraging the power of AWS and Hadoop, we were able to utilize hundreds of machines concurrently and process all the data in less than 36 hours.