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Example svn propset svn:executable

svn propset svn:executable ON public/dispatch.* script/process/*

Bash get self directory trick

This bash trick is great have been using it for years wanted to share. SELF=$(cd $(dirname $0); pwd -P)/$(basename $0)
Life is crazy and I am lost and don't know what to think today ...

A new Lisp IDE

And then there was cusp! It will probably have better appeal for people who like gui's for their lisp development.

Bash redirect to std error & out to different files

To redirect standard error and output to different files, you can use grouping: % (cat myfile > myout) >& myerror
Going to Las Vegas today .... Yahooooo

Cali here I am

I have been pretty busy and haven't been able to update my blog in a while but. The good news is that I have started a new job at Yahoo in Burbank

Unix timestamp to oracle date

FUNCTION unixtimestampToDate( in_Date IN number ) RETURN DATE IS BEGIN RETURN to_date('01-jan-1970', 'dd-mon-yyyy')+ (in_Date / ( 60*60*24) - (5/24)) ; END ; FUNCTION DateToUNIXTimestamp( in_Date IN DATE ) RETURN NUMBER IS BEGIN RETURN TRUNC( ( in_Date - TO_DATE( '01-jan-1970', 'dd-mon-yyyy' )) * 60 * 60 * 24 +(5/24) * 60 * 60 * 24) ; END ;

Adsense Dynamic Javascript Include

I have tried many things and I can't figure out how to dynamically include my adsense code into my web pages only using javascript. I have gotten close but my web pages go blank. I'll pay $20 to anyone who can show me how to do it successfully Steve

Arc - hope for the future

I have been doing research on Programming Lanuage Theory or PL Theory. Been reading a lot on Paul Graham's Site and Lambda the Ultimate. So far so good but there is a lot more reading to do. I see a lot of promise in Arc, if it's ever completed . I have big concerns about an appropriate launch and set up of Arc with a community. Also see a great need for appropriate introduction of a very good alternative option formate for Arc. Sexp are dangerous and always have been, it's not their inherent power but human consumption that is a problem. What is Arc? It's a language being developed by Paul Graham Who is Paul Graham? A popular tech essayist, entrepreneur and lisp evangelist