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Think my cold has stableized and isn't getting worse I think that it's a good thing. But getting better is slow work.

Visiting Southern California

I love it every time I get to visit Laurie in SoCal. This time started off good, Spent time studying with Laurie. Then right after I arrived I caught a cold, I feel like dirt right now. It's so much harder being sick and telecommuting for work than being sick in the office especially because your under the gun to produce and all I want to do is crawl under a rock and die. On a brighter note, this past weekend I got to hang with an old SigEp Buddy of mine Craig Reiser I am hoping my luck will change by the end of the week Peace Steve

Lauie is back as school

It's been a long and great summer having Laurie home for the summer. I am not looking forward to another year of flying back and forth to California. Already I have bought my first two tickets to Ontario Airport on JetBlue. By the way JetBlue is great but flights are usually late just about every other trip I take to the west coast. Better get back to work.