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otaku mecca of Tokyo's Akihabara district

Supposedly nerd heaven google it - otaku mecca of Tokyo's Akihabara district

Thai food

another Drunken Noodle Lunch

Long weekend - family bbq

Things have been going great, I might actually be getting a patent. That is where my discussion of that issue must end. At Laurie's going away bbq, Laurie's and my family finally got together which was very nice. Laurie is going away too soon, did some more major work on send laurie to vet . Steve

Ruby on Rails 0.13 Out Today with AJAX Superpowers

Robert J. Berger writes "The Ruby on Rails team announced that "After the longest gap between releases since Rails was made public and after more than 225 fixes and new features, the final major release before the 1.0 milestone has arrived." This is a major update to what is to many developers consider the new tool for developing sophisticated interactive database driven web applications. It integrates backend Model/View/Controller object-oriented model with AJAX based clients so that the developer can focus on the app and not on the details of basic mechanisms. You really can do much more with much less coding. The new release adds a completely rewritten visual effects engine, drag-and-drop capability including sortable lists, and autocompleting text fields to Rails. All building on top of an upgraded version of Prototype , the javascript foundation for Ajax in Rails ... Check out the very cool demos at ."

Lisp and Python

I have been getting into lisp for a while now and wanted to learn it for years. Because of lack of open source libraries for things like soap and xml-rpc, so have been moving over to python, reduce, map, filter and lambda as some of my favorite methods of python. Now these lispish builtin methods will be removed sad to say by Guido van Rossum him self. I sent him an email and hinted that he may leave in lambda or rename it.