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Another Day in Southern California

Well, I am telecommuting in Southern California again, and am being quite productive with work and Laurie is staying up very late every night to fit more studying in. I am usually in bed before her for work in the morning. My arm has been bothering me again so I have been hitting the pool before work and after work. This is the first time I have been able to do this since the community pool just opened up. Evening have been okay filled with lots or reading and eating dinner with Laurie. On the reading chopping block have been Atmel AVR Programming, Assembly Language and .net Mobile Programming. Little bit diverse I guess but all embedded programming a lot more embedded than I am used to.

Atmega8 Programming Resources Using GNU GCC

Resources - Great Place to start finding information From what I am told the best c library and environment to use with AVR's, Also been told that WinAVR is used in conjunction with AVR Libc WinAVR AVR Libc

Lisp IDE

If you need a lisp IDE you have 3 good choices 1) Emacs -> lots of programmers use it. 2) Slime -> recommended, live interaction with lisp run time. 3) Allegro CL IDE - Commercial Lisp Product

Good Weekend in Manhattan

I enjoyed this weekend and celebrated my mom's birthday. I went to Manhattan to treat my Mom and Dad to brunch at the boat house. Then walked around the city with my parents and friend Brent. Saw the Top of the Rock ( Much better view than Empire State Building with no lines). Other than that spent some time relaxing, watching Underworld Revolution and Studying atmel programming working on a Atmega8 Schematic. Now on to the wonderful work week

Fetotomy Defined

Well today Laurie has to do a Fetotomy in school and now am learning something new. A Fetotomy is when you have to remove a dead baby cafe from the mother cow surgically.

In Memory of the Crocodile Hunter

Me and Laurie were getting back from San Francisco and was about 4am the day Steve Irwin Died, Laurie room mate pointed it out to us. At that moment it didn't bother me very much because I was so tired. But it hit me the next day and since them has really bothered me. I am not sure if it's because he has little kids or such a giving person to the world through his conservation and teaching efforts. Either way the world lost a great man, and I wonder who will carry on his legacy. The family wants people to give to his charity Wild Life Warriors if you want to give in his memory. RIP Steve Irwin you were a good man!