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Comic Con

was in LA Saturday had to visit Lenny. Went to Comic Con for the first time this sunday in San Diego visited some friends.

Palo Alto

Day three working in the Venture Capital office of Rembrandt Venture Partners so far so good. Sequoia and LightSpeed are both right next to us. I have been playing with Ruby on Rails in my spare time.

Roller Derby and Before I leave LA

I have been trying to do new things and hit all my todo before I leave LA. I have finished my last list which was: The Ivy Robertson St Disney Land Runyon Canyon Park Hike Malibu Hikeing and Drinking Now I need a new list. On a second note went with Sponsor Sparks to a Roller Derby match in L.A. to see the LA team VS team Awsome. LA won!!! Something new every day ;)