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LA for Laurie's Birthday

All Saint's day the perfect day for my angel's birthday. It's coming up real soon now and I am happy that I am in LA for it. Her birthday and our anniversary are two things that I always have and always will make special time for no matter what I have to do. Being out of the office doesn't hurt since I am more productive in california. You should see Laurie she look beautiful this morning

How to open Mac Mini and Install / Locate Airport Extreme card

Here is how to open the Mac Mini and a link that diagrams where the Airport Extreme is.

Python Mac OSX Up key history fix

python `python -c "import pimp; print pimp.__file__"` -i readline This fixes it just run this one liner. found here

Setting up Oracle with JBoss

Here is an example JBoss Oracle JDBC Datasource configuration file: <!-- Datasource config for Oracle originally from Steven Coy --> <datasources> <local-tx-datasource> <jndi-name>OracleDS</jndi-name> <connection-url>jdbc:oracle:thin:@youroraclehost:1521:yoursid</connection-url> <!-- Here are a couple of the possible OCI configurations. For more information, see <connection-url>jdbc:oracle:oci:@youroracle-tns-name</connection-url><br /> or<br /> <connection-url>jdbc:oracle:oci:@(description=(address=(host=youroraclehost)(protocol=tcp)(port=1521))(connect_data=(SERVICE_NAME=yourservicename)))</connection-url><br /><br /> Clearly, its better to have TNS set up properly.<br /> --> <driver-class>oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver</driver-class> <user-name>x</user-name> <passwor

11 steps to a better brain

We all need better brains, and here is the short version that massacres the english language. 11 steps to a better brain 1. Smart Drugs Modafinil - for narcolepsy, makes it easy to sleep more than 40 hours easy Ritalin, Dexadrine - for ADHD Ampakines - work is being done to figure out how they improve memory 2. Food for though Breakfast with Protein and Fiber nix sugar(Eggs and whole wheat bread) Antioxidants Mid afternoon snack still nix junk food Omega 3 fatty acids Strawberries and blueberries 3. The Mozart effect Listen to Mozart piano sonata's 4. Gainful employment Increase short term memory and working memory Do memory training like memorizing the positions of a series of dots on a grid Working memory training. 5. Memory marvels They uses memory tricks like representing things as people on a route. Actors attach emotions or action to lines. Pair actions with memory tasks Uses memory strategies 6. Sleep on it Extra sleep always helps. Sometime sleep can give insight into prob

Create a Shared Library with g++

To create the shared (*.so) library, use these steps Example instructions for compiling 1) g++ -fpic -c CLib.cpp 2) g++ -shared -o CLib.o 3) g++ CLibTest.cpp -o CLibTest -L. -lCLib

JNI Programming on Mac OSX Intro

export JAVA_HOME=/Library/Java/Home/ JAVA EXTENSION DIRECTORY=/Library/Java/Extensions/ Add custom.jar, .zip, and .class files, as well as native JNI libraries, into an extensions directory cc -c -I/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Headers sourceFile.c cc -dynamiclib -o libhello.jnilib sourceFile.o -framework JavaVM cc -c -I/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Headers hola.c cc -c -I/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Headers hello.c cc -dynamiclib -o libhello.jnilib hola.o hello.o -framework JavaVM Apple Links: JNI Java Development JNI Sample JNI Sample Application

JavaScript IDE / IDEs Roundup Reviews Eclipse

In the beginning there was Venkman Javascript debugger Now for major IDE's there is IntelliJ IDEA 5.0 which now includes Javascript editing support . Now there is also a Eclipse Javascript Editor which is free Send me info on more Javascript IDE's and i'll update this entry with them.

Startup School - YCombinator - Paul Graham

This past saterday I went with my friend Brent Holden to Startup School... What is Startup School, it's a day of seminars for future millionares. Inspirational pieces about starting companies, legal issues, stats, how startup affect the economy in the US and even quite a bit about Venture Capital firms. Lots of big names went Paul Graham(Yahoo Stores Founder and famous tech writer), Gabor wrote a bit about Michael Mendel(Business Week) and Chris Sacca(Google) , Stephen Wolfram(Worst of all the speakers, the second time I have seen him speak), and Stephen Wozniak(Amazing). I have always wanted to create my own startup, and actually have tried a few things and a couple million ideas. I have after many years picked and idea and am going to run with it. Can't tell you what it is today but it's going to be good. One of the speakers gave some advice, "learn to write, it has power", I think he is right. I hope i'll become a good writer one day. Joel on Software s

SigEp Mass Alpha HomeComing

Oct 15th was SigEp's Homecoming weekend. I showed up late with my friend Brent but we got to eat at the hall of fame banquet. Lots of guys showed up from around the country, wes and nick from florida. Every year the class of alumni that shows up grows and grows. The strange thing is that in a few years we are going to out grow any bar in amherst to go to. People ask me what I did there, I got to buy a few pitches of beer and meet the undergrads. Mostly I got to talk and hang out with old friends ... Some time around 3am after hanging out at the house, got to talk to nic reed, me and brent walked back to our hotel at the university lodge.

Archimedes Death Ray: Proved Possible

Ancient Greek and Roman historians recorded that during the siege of Syracuse in 212 BC, Archimedes (a notably smart person) constructed a burning glass to set the Roman warships, anchored within bow and arrow range, afire. The story has been much debated and oft dismissed as myth. TV's MythBusters were not able to replicate the feat and “busted” the myth.   Intrigued by the idea and an intuitive belief that it could work, MIT's 2.009ers decided to apply the early product development ‘ sketch or soft modeling ’ process to the problem.   Article

eServices frequent customer cards

eServices, part of Radiant Systems sells frequent customer card systems

LA, San Diego and Santa Barbra and Back again

Another weekend of fun and relaxation in CA. Flew into Ontario as usual to be picked up by Laurie and that was the end of my first night. The next day Laurie, Henry(friend that flew in from manhattan) and I drove down to San Diego taking the scenic route. Friends live in downtown San Diego by little italy section which was great sight for columbus day weekend with street events everywhere. One of the coolest things were the chalk drawings being done in the streets. Laurie was looking as beautiful as ever. In San Diego we went to a bar called "the bitter end". The next day we set off to go to Pacific Beach just north of San Diego. Finally monday we went off to Santa Barbra and went walking through the main street. The town was really nice but looked expensive and devoid of most real businesses. The homeless guys there were really clever, on was making roses from palm leaves, another made sand sculptures, and one guy make coin targets in the sand down from the edge of the

Laurie is My Angel

Over 8 1/2 years of love and comfort I have had with Laurie, I have been beyond blessed and a wonderful future together to boot. The future has only gotten better now that Laurie is realizing her dream of becoming a Veterinarian. It's awsome I am only a couple of days away from getting to be with the love of my life again for the weekend. Love, Heath and Happiness life is good

Secrets of Happiness

At first glance, Martin Seligman's bestselling book Authentic Happiness The idea came while gardening with his daughter Nikki. She was throwing weeds around and he was shouting. She reminded him that she used to be a whiner but had stopped on her fifth birthday. "And if I can stop whining, you can stop being a grouch." This looks like a really good book and I think I am going to get it. Below is a link to a article on him. Article