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Oracle Sequences and how to create one

Here is how to create a sequence and two of the most popular functions to use on a sequence. CREATE SEQUENCE <seq_name> INCREMENT BY <integer> START WITH <integer> seq_name.NEXTVAL seq_name.CURRVAL Example: CREATE SEQUENCE MySeq INCREMENTED BY 1 START WITH 1

is it October 27th yet?

I can't wait to see Laurie, fall is my favorite time of year and miss when I don't spend it with Laurie

Good Morning Vietnam

Another day is going by, traffic was brutal 2 hours to get to the train station to pick up my friend and coworker brent. Today I am working on data warehousing. Last night I spoke with Laurie I am so proud of her because she is working so hard studying for finals. Down side today I have a dentist appointment and am having a filling replaced with a mold.

Back in NY

I'm back. Took the standard red eye back into NY. Arrived early like 7:20 am my parents were nice enough to pick me up then I went sleep promptly at 10am. Woke up like 5pm and that was my sunday. On the upside spoke to my friend arizona.