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Learning Software Maintenance from old continuous systems

Great software article promoting continuous software maintenance model which was invented in some systems over 40 years ago. You Don't Know Jack About Software Maintenance We can learn a thing or two for modern software development

Apple App Store Process is Frustrating

I have had lot's of frustration with the App Store process. Namely with the feed back on rejections being so poor. Developers leaving the Apple App Store . I am not leaving but it is a crappy position to put developers in whom put in their own hard time into producing something that might be rejected or floating in limbo for ever.

Programming words of wisdom

1. Either leave the existing brace style the hell alone and live with it, or completely re-write the code. Going the middle road leaves two unhappy parties, leaving it alone or replacing it leaves just one. And while you should err on the side of just living with what’s already there, you shouldn’t be shy about cleaning up a train wreck. 2. Good programs do not contain spelling errors or have grammatical mistakes. I think this is probably a result of fractal attention to detail; in great programs things are correct at all levels, down to the periods at the ends of sentences in comments. “Aw, c’mon! You’re kidding!” You might think that nit-picking like this is beneath you, whereupon I will start pointing out errors in your code. It was embarrassing the first couple times this happened to me. 3. Crack open your current project. Now, delete as much stuff as you can and still have it work. Done? Okay, now toss out more, because I know that your first pass was too timid. Pretend that you’r

Bash how to write a file using cat and multi line string

Thought this was a cool example cat >hello.go <<EOF package main import "fmt" func main() { fmt.Printf("hello, world\n") } EOF