python switch case statement

Python doesn't have switch case statements.

But I found code that will simulate a switch case statement

result = {
'a': lambda x: x * 5,
'b': lambda x: x + 7,
'c': lambda x: x - 2

to catch an error if no key found

{'option1': function1,
'option2': function2,
'option3': function3,
'option4': function4}[value]()
except KeyError:
# default action

I would probably use

switch = {'option1': function1,
'option2': function2,
'option3': function3,
'option4': function4}
if value in switch:


V'Raj Kanwade said…
How about this for a default switch case?
Tom Leo said…
Wow I was kind of disappointed that that python didn't have a case switch feature, but I think this is way cooler!

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