Torn - business, engineering, venture capital vs random thoughts

I am a little torn, because I don't write enough to have multiple blogs worth of content. Additionally people don't like to follow blogs that are all over the map. Basically my content is a little too diverse(lately very tech heavy) to keep an audiences attention. What to do what to do.... Not really sure about that one.

I have followed a few of my friend blogs as of late ... they are pretty good. Writing has never been a strength of mine, but a skill that I admire in people none the less.

I really want to improve my writing.

Did you know that Benjamin Franklin had a very interesting technique growing up when he discovered his writing was poor. He would read a famous essay or article by a master writing, summarize it's main points. They try and rewrite the article making the same points. Then afterward would do a comparison of the two. This helped make Benjamin Franklin become the great writer he was. I might try doing that one day if I can find the time.

Friends Blogs

There are a few others but they fall in one of two categories and think they are split a bit 50/50
1) I can't find the url for them right now
2) They aren't interesting enough


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