redis redis-cli command line options

There isn't official documentation for the command line arguments as of redis-cli.  If you type --help for the command line arguments you get the following

smorin$ ./redis-2.2.4//src/redis-cli --help
redis-cli 2.2.4

Usage: redis-cli [OPTIONS] [cmd [arg [arg ...]]]
  -h    Server hostname (default:
  -p        Server port (default: 6379)
  -s      Server socket (overrides hostname and port)
  -a    Password to use when connecting to the server
  -r      Execute specified command N times
  -n          Database number
  -x               Read last argument from STDIN
  -d   Multi-bulk delimiter in for raw formatting (default: \n)
  --raw            Use raw formatting for replies (default when STDOUT is not a tty)
  --help           Output this help and exit
  --version        Output version and exit

  cat /etc/passwd | redis-cli -x set mypasswd
  redis-cli get mypasswd
  redis-cli -r 100 lpush mylist x

When no command is given, redis-cli starts in interactive mode.
Type "help" in interactive mode for information on available commands.


gl said…
Please add info how to connect via SSL

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