vPod the next ipod and the rumors

I have heard the rumors and lately they have gotten much stronger.

1. http://www.siliconvalleywatcher.com/mt/archives/2005/04/_siliconvalleyw.php
2. http://www.gizmodo.com/archives/4th-generation-ipod-video-rumors-009516.php

According to their sources, the 4th-gen iPod will "obtain its media content via the unreleased Home on iPod" feature which should be on the upcoming OSX 10.4 'Tiger,' but I don't see exactly how those two things connect ('Home on iPod' is a method for keeping a Mac user's home directory on the iPod, which could be a method for syncing up the iPod content, but I can't imagine it would be required).

I would love to see video on the ipod, but even greater would be the ability to sync up a ipod. You use your ipod on two computers and want to be able to make sure your photo registries are up todate. That's important to a lot of people and a huge headache.


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