USB KVM Switch for G5 Mac and Debian Linux

IO Gear Two port MiniView Micro USB Plus KVM

The right port used to switch machines so the keyboard must be plugged in right port.

Model GC5632U was the original one I had but failed after a week.
They replaced it immediately with a GCS632U (supposedly compatable with mac mini)

Default to switch computers uses scroll lock twice

The most basic hotkey operation for this unit is to switch ports between the two connected computers. Press [Scroll Lock] [Scroll Lock] will allow you to toggle between the two computers. For some people such as Mac users, pressing [Scroll Lock] is either not feasible or not convenient. There are other ways to Advanced Hotkey Operations Invoking Hotkey Mode

To invoke Hotkey Mode, do the following:
1. Press and hold down the [Num Lock] key
2. Press and release the minus [-] key
3. Release the [Num Lock] key
When Hotkey Mode is active, the Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock LEDs flash in succession to indicate that Hotkey Mode is in effect. They stop flashing and revert to normal status when you exit Hotkey Mode. When Hotkey Mode is active, ordinary keyboard and mouse functions are suspended - only Hotkey compliant keystrokes can be input. At the conclusion of some hotkey operations, you automatically exit hotkey mode. With some operations, you must exit manually. To exit Hotkey Mode manually, press the [Esc] key, or the [Spacebar].

To use [Ctrl] [Ctrl]
1. Invoke Hotkey Mode (see p. 10)
2. Press and release the [T] key

Was configured to use the control key


rajesh said…
I have an imac G4, and would like to restore it to its original settings like when you first got it.
Does any know how to do this?
F.Y.I. - I don't have the OSX discs so is there a way to do this without the discs?

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