Alaska vacation advice

Just having come back from Alaska a few things surprised me

Midnight sun is much more moving and impressive than I ever imagined is so impactfull but you won't appreciate if till after the first few days.

Denali you totally need a pair of binoculars because you won't be able to see much otherwise and you really need a full day for Denali. If you want to take a shuttle to the far end of the park you really need to catch a early morning bus like 6am so check the times.

Car rentals were very expensive so book in advance and try and get your self a deal.

Train only use GoldStar more expensive but totally worth it and very relaxing.

If you want to drink and have a good time go to for some one in your 20's twenties. These are places I went because locals told me about them. They were good.
Fairbank - ?? don't know
Denali - Salmon Bake
Anchorage - Humpy's

Dredge #8 get real gold, once your pumped up from your "find" at the dredge do some real gold panning. In fairbanks goto the store

Alaskan Prospectors & Geologists Supply
, 504 College Road, Fairbanks, AK 99701 (907) 452-7398 or FAX (907) 456-2569.

To get supplies


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