Startup School - YCombinator - Paul Graham

This past saterday I went with my friend Brent Holden to Startup School... What is Startup School, it's a day of seminars for future millionares. Inspirational pieces about starting companies, legal issues, stats, how startup affect the economy in the US and even quite a bit about Venture Capital firms. Lots of big names went Paul Graham(Yahoo Stores Founder and famous tech writer), Gabor wrote a bit aboutMichael Mendel(Business Week) and Chris Sacca(Google), Stephen Wolfram(Worst of all the speakers, the second time I have seen him speak), and Stephen Wozniak(Amazing).

I have always wanted to create my own startup, and actually have tried a few things and a couple million ideas. I have after many years picked and idea and am going to run with it. Can't tell you what it is today but it's going to be good.

One of the speakers gave some advice, "learn to write, it has power", I think he is right. I hope i'll become a good writer one day.

Joel on Software said

Is New York just lame compared to Boston? Or does it just seem that way? Why is that... is it because of MIT? or all the other high tech stuff going on there?
and I think he is right, but wrong because he is implying that boston is better which it isn't. I think that the people gathering at the Y Combinator is just very exceptional. I think there are excelent hacker in all major cities that feel exactly the same way. It's the way I have always felt. If I win wednesday's powerball I am going to create a place for a similar comunity to flurish in NYC.


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