LA, San Diego and Santa Barbra and Back again

Another weekend of fun and relaxation in CA. Flew into Ontario as usual to be picked up by Laurie and that was the end of my first night. The next day Laurie, Henry(friend that flew in from manhattan) and I drove down to San Diego taking the scenic route. Friends live in downtown San Diego by little italy section which was great sight for columbus day weekend with street events everywhere. One of the coolest things were the chalk drawings being done in the streets. Laurie was looking as beautiful as ever. In San Diego we went to a bar called "the bitter end". The next day we set off to go to Pacific Beach just north of San Diego. Finally monday we went off to Santa Barbra and went walking through the main street. The town was really nice but looked expensive and devoid of most real businesses. The homeless guys there were really clever, on was making roses from palm leaves, another made sand sculptures, and one guy make coin targets in the sand down from the edge of the pier with sayings like, "I ain't going to lie, I need a beer". Another day another adventure.


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